The Unabridged Bible:  exploring the complete set of ancient holy writings

The Unabridged Bible
When the Bible was compiled about 2,000 years ago, one unintended consequence was that many scriptural writings were relegated to obscurity, so the books you find in your Bible are only a tiny sampling of the complete set of ancient holy writings that could have been included.

Depiction of a scriptorium, where Bibles and other manuscripts were copied over by hand.

For instance, Genesis contains the first half of the Adam and Eve story, but the fascinating second half is missing, along with the troubling account of Abraham's early life, and much more.

Similarly, there used to be more than 150 Psalms, including the poetic Hymn to the Creator, but you won't find them in your Bible. Nor will you find Mordecai's serpent dream from the Book of Esther.

From short passages to entire books, the Bible is missing more than most people realize.

Some writings were left out for political or theological reasons, others simply because of the physical restrictions of ancient book-making technology. At times, the compilers of the Bible skipped information that they assumed everyone knew. Some passages were even omitted by accident. For these reasons and more, your Bible doesn't give you a complete picture.

The Unabridged Bible fills in the blanks.


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