The Unabridged Bible:  exploring the complete set of ancient holy writings

"The Unabridged Bible" is much more than just a bunch of information.

It's a cross-referenced introduction to everything that was cut or it otherwise missing from the Bible. Unlike an encyclopedia, the Unabridged Bible highlights what's interesting and unique. And it offers a variety of ways to start reading, including a brief summary to get you started, curious facts or quotations or whatnot to whet your appetite, and, frequently, pictures to enhance your experience.


All of the material here is extensively cross-referenced, so you can learn how everything fits together.

If you encounter something you're not familiar with — a person, a place, a book, whatever — odds are you can click on it to find out more. Or if you're looking for information about a particular topic — a book missing from the Bible, say, or a particular passage in the Bible — the master index will point you in the right direction, even highlighting the information you want when you click on a link.


Everything on "The Unabridged Bible" is supported by a discussion blog, where you can take part in the conversation. Curious about something you see? Wondering why something isn't here? Have a question? (Or do you think you found a mistake?) Start with the blog.

Always Growing

This is an ongoing project. (In fact, the full site hasn't even launched yet!) So check back as more material is added.

"The Unabridged Bible" is in beta testing. We welcome feedback.