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How do I give feedback?
The Unabridged Bible has a supporting blog with a Q&A section where you can leave questions, comments, and other feedback.


Why isn't there a search feature?
The master index does what a search feature would usually do, but it does it better, because it guides you to the context you're looking for. For example, a search for "translation" would give you all kinds of irrelevant results, but the index tells you where to find examples of different kinds of translation. A search for "Acts" would give you results for "acts of kindness" mixed in with citations from the Book of Acts, which probably isn't what you want. But the index tells you exactly where to find what.

Clicking on an index entry takes you directly to the right part of the right page and even highlights the text you're looking for to make it easier to spot.

Why are some of the verse numbers out of order in the index?
It's a bug. We're working on it.

How do I print a page?
Click the "print me" icon at the end of some articles to get a beautiful PDF printout. For the pages that don't yet offer this option, you can use your browser's "print" function to print almost anything.


Can I photocopy and distribute the printouts?
Yes, for non-commercial purposes. All of the material on this site is copyrighted, but you are encouraged to share the printouts non-commercially so long as you don't remove the copyright and source information.


Is the site complete?
Not by a long shot. It's always growing. Even this FAQ isn't complete.

If you think something should be added, make a suggestion on the Q&A section of the blog.

Don't you think it's ironic that "The Unabridged Bible" isn't complete?

"The Unabridged Bible" is in beta testing. We welcome feedback.