The Unabridged Bible:  exploring the complete set of ancient holy writings


The ancient account of Abraham's childhood and his later grappling with monotheism and morality.

The ancient account of Adam and Eve after their exile from the Garden of Eden.

The ancient Syrian-Greek rulers named Antiochus.

An expansive and impressive library of texts from the Bible's cutting room floor.

The intriguing and once-popular ancient scriptural book of Enoch, which fell into surprising obscurity.

The ancient rulers of Jerusalem named Herod, including Herod the Great and other people mentioned in the New Testament.

One of the many Psalms missing from the Bible's 150, the Hymn to the Creator was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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A Gnostic Gospel in which Jesus refers to "my wife."

One of the first blessings ever written, from scroll 1Q28b of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Flavius Josephus, known as the single best extra-biblical source for most of the events in the Bible, also preserves material that's missing from the Bible.

Mordecai's explanation of his dream about the serpents.

The first and most influential translation of the Bible, from ancient Hebrew into ancient Greek.

Mordecai's dream about the serpents, which re-frames the entire Book of Esther.

A comprehensive list of all the ancient Egyptian rulers named Ptolemy.

A Gnostic Gospel from St. James, describing the secret knowledge he says he and St. Peter received from Jesus.

Ancient words of thanks for God's power to help us endure in the face of public mockery, from scroll 1QH of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The ancient Syrian-Greek rulers named Seleucus

An intriguing and wide-ranging collection of ancient prophecies by various old women called "the Sibyl."

Ancient words of thanks to God for placing within us words of thanks, from scroll 1QH of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

An early Jewish work that breaks with tradition and emphasizes the zodiac's power to offer good and bad fortune.

Annotated facsimile of the beautiful Vienna Genesis illustrated Septuagint manuscript, depicting the Temptation of Joseph.
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